Thursday, May 31, 2012


This is so pathetic. I have this nagging thought in the back of my head to finish posting our Europe pictures before I forget it all--the good and bad--and have to resort to romaticized notions that I read while I prepared for this trip. It seems silly and almost insignificant now that a whole year has passed since our trip of a lifetime and bigger things (namely my increasingly gigantic baby belly) are hovering on the horizon. But alas, I have to finish what I started....over a year ago. Alright, Naples was something special. I'm sure I'll say this about every city I write about, but Naples was one of my favorites. It was the first time Andy and I tasted REAL pizza. After all, pizza originated in the city of Naples. The crust was so thin and crispy and light and it wasn't doused in cheese, so it was easy to feel less guilty about eating half of a whole pizza. Our favorite was the Margherita Pizza. It had tangy, fresh tomato sauce. Each piece was topped with a slice of homemade mozzarella and a basil leaf. So simple. So good. It rained almost exclusively during our two night stay, but it was kind of refreshing after being in the hot roman sun the few days prior.
So yummy right? We decide to go to Naples on a whim and we didn't really know what kind of history was in the area other than Mt. Vesuvius. So most of our pictures were of all the things we deemed "cool." Unfortunately because of the weather, the ferry that takes visitors to see Pompeii and it's dreaded volcano was not running. But we did try to get some shots of it! It's overcast and dreary, but I kind of loved the foreboading image it created.
And a few shots of us on the way to Florence. We really loved the train system in Europe. It was so punctual (maybe a little too punctucal on a few occassions that I'll detail later).