Monday, March 10, 2008

Hello, my name is...

Let me preface this by saying, we are so excited to start sharing our most precious parts of life with all of you. I hope this will provide a way to keep in touch with family and friends, as well as a way for everyone to get to know us better! So...with that in mind, I welcome you to the world of Andy and Alianna!

To start off, we met while Andy was serving a Spanish-speaking mission in Tacoma, WA. For three months he was subsequently transferred to the only english ward he served- Mine! That fall I started my schooling at BYU Provo and when he finished his mission, he went back home to Taylorsville, UT. We started to hang out and then dated, and the rest, as they say, is history. We were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple on August 22, 2006. Sometimes, I can't believe just how fast time goes by!

In October 2007, we got a brand new baby! His name is Toby and he has a striking resemblance of a Star Wars ewok. He is absolutely adorable and we have love having him in our home. His training is going well, as he is now able to come, sit and stay on command. We starting to work on the cool stuff now!

In April 2009, I officially graduated from BYU with a degree in Communications/Advertising. It was a long road, but it's good to be done. Right now, I'm trying to navigate my way through "real" life and find a job. We have a little less than year left in Utah--much to my excitement! Andy was accepted in the Marriott Business School (which is no small feat!) and has exactly 10 months left.

By next June we'll be moving on to bigger and better things. I'm so excited that I'm desperately trying to resist the urge to make one of those ridiculous long paper chains just to count down the days until we embark on a new part of life.

We are sifting through countless job and internship applications for Paramount, Sony Pictures, New Line Cinema, Dreamworks, and Warner Brothers--and it's exhausting! Andy is looking to do marketing with these companies and the outlook is good.

We have high hopes.