Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Update Coming

We're finally back from our three week backpacking excursion through europe. It was quite an adventure that deserves hours of uninterrupted blogging on a "real" computer. I am currently stranded at a hotel in savannah, GA with Andy and our trusty dog, Toby. Our whole life is sitting in 12 year old Saturn in the parking lot. Thirty-eight hours is an unbelievably long time in a car! I will try to post pictures of our europe trip as well as our cross-country trek this week. I would do it now, but unfortunately the only relevant picture that my blackberry has is of my distraught face after I voluntarily got into the full body scanner at the SLC airport the morning we left (so far less exciting and way more idiotic than pictures of Rome). Full update later!

Congrats that Lisa and family for your new adventure. South Dakota will be great.
Congrats to Heather and family for your new edition. Keep us updated. Nathan will be an awesome big brother!
Congrats to Alex and family for third! You're a supermom so it will be absolutely amazing and a piece or cake.